We Do Web ContentWhat kind of content should I have in my company newsletter as part of my marketing advertising strategy?

What kind of content should I have in my company newsletter as part of my marketing advertising strategy?

Determining what sort of content makes for good monthly newsletter topicsdepends on several things:

  • your business type;
  • the clients you want to reach; and
  • the image you want to portray through your company newsletter.

Some businesses will benefit most when the articles for newsletters they send are serious, professional topics related to their industry. Other businesses will find more marketing success with a lighter, more personal touch to their company newsletter.
Your clients’ interests are also important when developing monthly newsletter topics.

Are you reaching out to other professionals who are looking for news related to your industry, or are you talking to the general public who read more for interest rather than knowledge? Knowing what grabs your clients’ attention and keeps them reading is the key to developing the right content for your newsletter.
The final thought to keep in mind when writing articles for newsletters is the image or tone you want to project through your content. 
You may feel it’s best to stay professional and just stick to business-related topics. If your clients are a bit more apt to respond to the personal touch, newsletter topics can be more intimate with things like office news and local event recaps.

Remember that articles for newsletters need to do two main things: engage your readers and promote sharing of your newsletter. Keeping current clients informed is the primary function of monthly newsletter marketing, and attracting new clients is the secondary function, achieved with the interesting, share-able content that We Do Web Content can provide!

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