We Do Web ContentWhat Should I Include in My Bio?

What Should I Include in My Bio?

Creating a short bio on your website for owners, key members of management, and marketing personnel is a great way to put a human face (or faces) on your company, especially if your company only has an online presence. But what should you include in your professional bio and what should you leave out?

Keep It Short

Bios are similar to the “About Us” section of your website in that they need to be short and sweet. Yes you are interesting but the potential customers visiting your website don’t need to know about the summer you went fishing with your uncle in Montana or that you love your pet gecko more than anything in the world (unless perhaps you own a pet supply store or lizard fan club).

A great bio should include short references to relevant information that affects your involvement with your company. You don’t want to list your entire resume, every award you have every won, etc. but mentioning one or two high profile job experiences, one or two awards, your educational experience (if you have an advanced degree or went to an Ivy league school) are good places to start. Short is the main goal here. Going on and on about yourself is boring to readers, unless they are your mom.

Bios should always be written in third person, as in: Henry Jones worked as a Creative Director for ten years before becoming the Vice President of Advertising for blah blah blah. Do not write in first person, as in: I worked as a Creative Director…

Tone, word choice, and style will affect the reader’s overall impression. This is something you need to be aware of when writing your bio. If you want a more informal conversational bio, use your first name (i.e. – Henry started working for We Do Web Content in 2003). If you want to sound very professional use your last name and/or professional title (i.e. – Jones received his MBA from Duke University, or Dr. Jones often lectures internationally…)

If you follow these easy tips, stay honest, and practice a little self-editing, your professional bio will be in great shape in no time!

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