We Do Web ContentWhy is link building important for my website?

Why is link building important for my website?

Link building is an incredibly important factor in how your website gets ranked by search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing.
Link building includes both links that occur on your website that link to other websites, also known as “outbound links”, as well as links that occur on other websites that link back to your site, or “inbound links”.

Search engines take into account how many outbound and inbound links relate to any given Web page when determining their ranking for any relevant search as well as the quality of those links.

The quality of a link is determined in part by the PageRank (if you are using Google) of the page you are linking to as well the reputation of the source you are linking to. For example, an auto parts website might have a great reputation as a source for tire information and provide a great link opportunity. If that same auto parts website had information about car ground effects but they are not considered a reputable source for car ground effects information, using that link would not benefit your page’s search engine ranking.

Great SEO copy includes outbound links and creates opportunities for other websites to include inbound links back to your Web page.

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