Infographic: Happy Love Your Lawyer Day 2017!

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November 3, 2017 is Love Your Lawyer Day. Created by Nader Anise (founder of the American Lawyers Public Image Association) in 2001, Love Your Lawyer Day gives us all a chance to show our appreciation for everything lawyers do to help their clients and the community.

And if you’re a lawyer, take this day to reflect on the good you do for your clients and the justice system.

Have you considered becoming a lawyer? Attending law school and being a lawyer isn’t like how it appears in TV and movies.

Our team created an infographic with a short quiz that you can take to see if you have what it takes to become a lawyer. Take it and let us know your career goals!

Do You Have What It Takes To Be A Lawyer?

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Happy Love Your Lawyer Day from the team at We Do Web Content!

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For Love Your Lawyer Day 2016, we wanted to show the world that of our 45 presidents, more than half were lawyers. So love your lawyer today, they might be president tomorrow!

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