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The Importance of the About Us Page

The “About Us” section of your website is an important component in the overall structureand can be critical in gaining the trust and respect of visitors to your site. Whether you’re the managing partner of a national law firm, or the owner of a local boutique, your website’s mission should be the same – engage new visitors and provide valuable information and resources to returning customers.

Motivate Your Visitors

Once engaged, new visitors should be motivated to take action and utilize your services, or at a minimum, be intrigued by your company enough to revisit the site in the near future.

Connecting to users via your “About Us” page can help to convert the occasional surfer into a customer
 who recognizes that your organization is credible and can provide them with a necessary service. Jakob Nielsen, a well-respected usability expert, believes that an “About Us” page can help increase your conversion rates by explaining:

  • Your company’s origins
  • How you view your business
  • How you relate to the community

Nielsen conducted a study on “About Us Information on Websites”
 recently and compared the results to a previous study conducted five years earlier. Subjects in the study were asked to go to an “About Us” section and search for the answers to three critical questions many users have when visiting this section of a website.

Who runs the organization?

At a minimum your audience needs to know who the principals are and who runs the company. You may want to include bios of key employees (depending on the size of your company or organization).

What community or social programs does the organization contribute to?

BBMG, a national marketing firm, found that nearly nine in ten Americans consider themselves to be “conscious consumers” and are more likely to purchase from a “conscious company.” The About Us section of a website is the appropriate place to highlight contributions your company makes in the community.

When was the organization founded?

The longevity of a business and stability (particularly during the current economic crisis) can lendadditional credibility and can be discussed in a few short sentences.

Answering these three main questions in the About Us section should be a starting point, not the finish line as you develop your web content.

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