We Do Web ContentWhy Attorneys Need Fresh Content for their Websites

Why Attorneys Need Fresh Content for their Websites

Over the last several years, thousands of lawyers and attorneys have created websites with similar content. Some of this content is 100 percent necessary, as legal professionals need to explain their services to potential clients. Unfortunately, after completing their Areas of Practice and About Us pages, many stop creating content and assume what they have is enough.

Some legal professionals have not updated their website with new content in several years. This makes it very hard for search engines to rank the website near the top of the search results. Search engines desire fresh and engaging content that meets their users’ needs. The content doesn’t have to be read by 1,000 people a day, but there needs to be some degree of readership and/or sharing.

legal web content-content writing for attorneysRanking in Search Engines

Over the course of the last half-decade, search engines have evolved tremendously. It is no longer the case that an attorney or lawyer can put up a basic business card website and rank for highly searched keywords. To rank, legal professionals will need to provide something that catches the audience’s eye and offers valuable takeaways. This may be an article explaining what has happened in the legal industry in the last 30 days or a YouTube video that answers a generic question from a client. Professionals need to be proactive in creating fresh content, as it is what drives search engine spiders back to the website.

Google, Yahoo! and Bing have stated that fresh content is what makes the search engine better. When searching for “California dog bite laws” searchers would much rather consume content that is up to date. Laws change quite a bit and search engines do not want to provide out of date information. If the search engines provide search results that are outdated, they could lose credibility. So they create algorithms that rank content based on freshness, relevancy, and how the audience consumes that content.

This is not to say that only new content will rank. Updating a website with fresh content oftentimes improves the value of old content. Unfortunately, if old content is not repurposed or supplemented with new content it can get stale and drop in the search rankings, especially if users don’t find it helpful.

Creating and Marketing Fresh Content

Most lawyers do not have a chunk of time to devote to creating content on a daily or weekly basis. Any successful attorney will be working with clients on a daily basis. For many, there is simply not time in the day to create fresh content. So what is one to do if search engines want fresh content but there isn’t enough time to do it? We Do Web Content offers a number of services to help business professionals who simply do not have the time to sit down and type 500- or 1,000-word articles.

Copywriters and content writers know how to write for an audience, but also know how to write for the web. There is a very big difference between writing for print publications such as magazines and newspapers and writing for the web. In the past, journalists wrote an article, sent it to the editor and were done with it. There is much more involved when writing for the web and marketing your content. It is no longer possible to write a quick blurb and expect that the world will see it.

In the day and age of Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Vine and a plethora of other social networks, business professionals must recognize that readers want content that is engaging, useful and will keep their attention. Grabbing and keeping readers’ attention takes a unique skill set. While attorneys are often very skilled at legal issues, they may not study how users react to a piece of content published online.

Most legal professionals don’t have the time to check their analytics to see how long visitors accessed their website. This information is valuable to search engines and valuable to the law firm. Having readers consume 10 seconds of content is not nearly as effective as having readers consume five minutes of content. It could indicate that readers don’t find the content useful or engaging, or there is something about the website that sends them away too quickly. This is where We Do Web Content can help.

The Skill Set to Write for the Internet

The Internet is almost endless. There are over 25,000 articles on slip and fall accidents. There are even more on negligence. If a lawyer is working diligently to grow their practice, it is highly unlikely they will have the time to regularly sit and brainstorm ideas. But these innovative ideas are often what it takes to grow a following through their blog or social media. Fortunately, We Do Web Content can help make this process much easier.

Remember that web marketing is very important as more and more people use smartphones, tablets, laptops and computers. Reaching potential clients means producing web content on a daily or weekly basis. Coming up with unique, fresh and interesting web content is not easy. Even copywriters who have been writing for years might still struggle to come up with content that will be interesting to someone reading about Tort Law. Rather than spending countless hours and spreading oneself thin, business professionals should reach out to those who research ideas and write content every day.

After writing tens of thousands of articles it becomes much easier to create unique ideas that are likely to capture an audience and provide readers with the information they need on social media or through blog posts. We Do Web Content can create this type of content. Please feel free to reach out to us to learn how we can help you grow your practice through online content creation.