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How to Set Up a Facebook Fan Page for Your Business

Over the past year Facebook has surpassed Myspace as the #1 social media network on the Internet, and with over 200 million users, it’s important for companies to appreciate the significance of social media and reach out to their customers through this medium.

Creating a business profile on Facebook is different than creating an individual profile. For one thing, personal profiles on Facebook are private which would make it really hard for companies to reach out and get found.

Facebook fan pages however, are public profiles designed for businesses. Fan pages do not have a friend limit (personal profiles can only accommodate up to 5,000 friends), and allow users to easily find and interact with your brand.

Fan pages are searchable both on Facebook and through search engines, which means that customers and potential customers will have even more ways to find you by typing in your keywords!

How To Begin

Facebook fan pages can be created by visiting the Facebook website and clicking on the link that reads, “to create a page for a celebrity, band or business, click here”.  

After you’ve been redirected to the right page, you’ll be asked to define the type of business you are promoting. You can also create a fan page for a specific brand or product.

Facebook will guide you through the step-by-process of developing your fan page, but the most important aspect will be creating your page’s title.

While you can change and edit just about everything else you post on your fan page, you cannot change your title once it has been entered. To get the most out of your page, choose a title that clearly defines your company and brand along with relevant SEO keywords. Remember, this page is searchable!

After you have accepted the terms of use and entered your electronic signature you’ll be the new owner of a Facebook fan page, but there is still a lot of work to do.

If you have a personal profile, becoming friends with your fan page is a great way to introduce all of your existing friends to your new business profile, just make sure you’re not giving your customers too much access to your personal life. 

What should I put on my fan page?

You’ll want to fill your profile with pictures, blogs, information about your company, and links to your website and other social media profiles. Customizing the look and feel of your fan page to express the identity of your company is also a must.

Additionally, Facebook has thousands of great applications you can add to your fan page that will increase interaction with your visitors. A few examples include:

Networked Blogs app – imports your blog feed to your fan page

RSS Connect – adds your RSS feed to your wall or tab

IEndorse – allows visitors to create and read testimonials about your company and allows you to build relationships with other businesses through their searchable business database

SmartMessage Center – allows you to send messages to large or small groups and view responses on a single, organized display that can be set to public or private

Business Cards – promotes your company (and network!) by attaching your customized business card to messages

Static FBML – adds advanced functionality to your fan page through HTML or FBML (Facebook Markup Language) to customize your page

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