We Do Web ContentHow to Build a Successful Business Profile on Twitter Part 2

How to Build a Successful Business Profile on Twitter Part 2

Your Profile and Your Brand

Your Twitter profile needs to represent your business and brand the same way your website does. This means personalizing as much as possible to communicate your company’s products and goal to your followers.

Personalizing Twitter means:

  • Creating an avatar or loading a picture to represent your brand
  • Customizing the background of your profile and not relying on the default templates
  • Loading images, logos, and other company-centric pictures

Companies like Free Twitter Designer and Twitter Image can create customized backgrounds for your pages if you are unable to create them yourself.

Track and Connect

Part of having a successful company profile is utilizing all of its benefits. That includes connecting with your followers and tracking your progress.

Monitoring the usage of your keywords, tracking who is mentioning your company (and how often), and even keeping tabs on your competitors are all available on Twitter through various applications and Twitter tools. Take advantage of the situation and track your progress.

The other most important aspect of a successful Twitter business profile is connecting with other people on the website. That means communicating more than sales promotions and press releases.Reply to your tweets in a timely manner, ask your followers questions, and basically talk about more than just you.

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