We Do Web ContentWhy You Should Hire a Skilled Copywriter to Write Your Web Content (PartB)

Why You Should Hire a Skilled Copywriter to Write Your Web Content (PartB)

There are places on your website where having your key phrases is a must, and places where they’re completely useless. Knowing when and where to place your key phrases in your Web content is important to your website and its ability to be found on search engines. Your copywriter should be intimately acquainted with best practices in this aspect.

Web Content Should be Clear and Concise

Your legal website copywriter must be an efficient Web writer and have respect for your client’s busy lives. This means both getting to the point and avoiding too much legal jargon in your Web content. If your client can’t find what they want, they’re going to lose interest and go to another attorney’s website.

Your first paragraph on your home page needs to hit hard and fast
, because most clients spend only a few seconds looking at the top part of your page before deciding whether to keep reading or move on. Don’t waste time with fluff words like:

“Welcome to the Jones and Jones Law Firm website. We’ve been specializing in premises liability litigation for over 30 years.”

Your clients should already know where they are and they may not know what “premises liability litigation” is and they probably don’t care that you’ve been in practice 30 years. A skilled legal website copywriter will know to entice them by offering those clients exactly what they are looking for.

“When you’ve been injured in a car accident, every decision you make in the aftermath can impact your future. Before you sign anything, or even speak to the other driver’s insurance company, request a copy of Smith Law’s FREE guide to Rhode Island car accidents.”

The second example shows you care and most importantly, offers them free information. A good legal website copywriter will write in a more direct tone as if they’re speaking TO the client, not AT them. In the past, your website was just an online business card, but now it’s your Internet marketing portal. Your copywriter needs to know this and know how to make that happen for you.

At We Do Web Content our custom written content is always written with the goal of helping your website rank as high as possible on the search engine results. Your website content is one of the great parts of your Internet marketing and with properly written, relevant content your clients will not only find your page but demand more! Contact us today for more information – 888-521-3880