We Do Web ContentGenerate FREE Internet leads! Build a Facebook Fan Page.

Generate FREE Internet leads! Build a Facebook Fan Page.

Creating a Facebook fan page for your business is relatively easy, getting the most out of your page on the other hand, requires a little more effort. Facebook users thrive on two things: access and interaction.

Facebook users want to get to know your company and interact with you on a personal level. Part of this involves constantly updating the content on your fan page.

Below are a few tips designed to help you interact with your fans (i.e. customers) and maximize your Facebook exposure.

  • Tiny URLs – Get a tiny URL to shorten your web address for easy access. They are also great for Twitter posts, and come in helpful for tracking for visitors.


  • Communicate with Fans – When a fan writes on your wall, or asks you a question, respond in a timely manner. Fans are looking for interaction and if they think you aren’t interested in real communication with them, they won’t continue to monitor your fan page.


  • Creative Interaction – Interaction with fans doesn’t have to be confined to question and answer sessions. Use your fan page to host contests, hold drawings, provide exclusive promotions, and other activities that engage with your customers.


  • Create a Facebook Badge – A Facebook badge is a template provided by Facebook that allows you to create and customize a small calling card with your picture, networks, and URLS that you can place on other websites.


  • Use Media – Uploading pictures and videos is an important part of customizing your fan page and introducing the more human side of your company to visitors. While the pictures don’t have to be strictly business, they are still representing you and your company, so you might not want to include the photos of your staff dancing on a bar during last year’s Christmas party…unless you own a bar.


  • Join Groups – Not only can joining groups help you meet new potential friends, it also adds to your credibility by reaching out and communicating with the Facebook community. Plus, with so many groups on Facebook, you can concentrate on the ones that fit your demographics and help consolidate your efforts.

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