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Facebook 101

Over the past few years social media networks have experienced incredible growth, connecting millions of Internet users all over the world and changing the face of marketing forever.

The popularity of Facebook in particular has sky rocketed over the past year and now includes over200 million users worldwide. According to Facebook’s own statistics, an impressive 100 million of those users log into the site at least once a day.

The marketing possibilities for companies looking to tap into this incredible social networking phenomenon are just as exciting.

What is Facebook?

Facebook is a free, social media network that allows users to interact by sending messages and communicating information through their profiles.

A profile is a web page that the user creates by entering information about themselves including:

  • general likes and interests
  • photos
  • blogs
  • status updates (similar to Twitter)
  • updates about their Facebook activity (joining groups, approving new friends, using newapplications, etc)

Each profile features a “wall” where other users can post messages, start conversations, and see what their friends are up to. Walls are like public message boards, so anything you post on a user’s wall will be visible to all of their friends as well. If users want to share information privately there is also an e-mail option.

Users can connect with each other through joining a network or using Facebook’s search features that can introduce them to other users with similar interests or experiences.

Network options include groups based on:

  • The city they live in (or near)
  • Geographical regions
  • Schools they attended
  • Past or present jobs

Unlike similar social media sites such as MySpace, Facebook allows users to have more control over the privacy of their profile. This usually means that you need to become “friends” with a user before you can see their full profile, and that both you and the other user must approve of the friendship before that access is granted.

When businesses use Facebook, they create a special kind of public profile called a Fan Page, which unlike regular user profiles, allow everyone to see the information on your profile without having to add you as a friend first.

Can businesses really benefit by using Facebook?

Many companies have already found overwhelming success by connecting with current and potential customers through social media networks like Facebook.

Businesses can benefit by adding a Facebook Fan Page to their other marketing efforts by:

  • allowing users to learn more about your company,
  • leave comments and suggestions about your products, and
  • either directly or indirectly promote your company to their friends through your online interactions.

Facebook’s popularity also makes it an excellent platform to:

  • share sales promotions,
  • introduce new products,
  • update customers about news articles that affect your industry, and
  • get feedback about how you can improve your current offerings.

If you want to learn more about how starting a Facebook or other social media account can benefit your business, contact WeDOwebContent today at 1-888-521-3880 and ask about our social media management services.