We Do Web ContentGoogle SEO: How Does My Website Rank?

Google SEO: How Does My Website Rank?

Google page rankings can be complex and rely on a multitude of factors. A combination of content, keywords, link structure, and Google’s patented PageRank algorithm are just a few of the considerations that determine a page ranking for any individual search.

When you are designing or re-optimizing your website, it is important to address both On-page ranking factors as well as what PageRank will be searching for.

Examples of On-Page ranking factors include:

  • Keywords
  • Titles and sub-headings
  • Heading and alt tags
  • Content
  • Link text

When Google crawls through your content it will be scanning these areas and determining your web page’s ranking based on:

  • What keywords are used
  • Where the keywords are used on the page
  • The amount of times each keyword is used
  • The proximity of keywords, and so on.

Additionally, Google’s PageRank algorithm and hypertext-matching analysis work to determine your web page’s importance by assessing the amount of quality links on your page, including the ranking of pages that link to you.

If you want people to receive your website’s message, the content needs to directly address these factors to achieve the search engine results that will drive traffic to your site.

Internet users will rarely, if ever, continue beyond the first two pages of search results for any given query. If your website ranking lands you on the fourth or fifth page of web search results, it will be almost impossible for potential visitors to find you.

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The best web content is a seamless combination of easy-to-read messages and organically optimized text that catches the reader’s attention as well as Google’s web ranking system.

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