We Do Web ContentHow Local Enhanced Search Results Generate Internet Marketing Advantages (Part A)

How Local Enhanced Search Results Generate Internet Marketing Advantages (Part A)

Many consumers are looking to stay local when it comes to seeking goods and services and this has created a tremendous growth in the importance of local enhanced search results. When clients search to find local business listings they often use sites like Google Places, Yelp, MerchantCircle, and YP.com, which all have unique Internet marketing advantages.

Choosing the Right Keywords to Find Local Business Listings

There are 2 parts to a good long-tail keyword choice for local enhanced search results: geo-locators and topics. Geo-locators help you pinpoint your business in a certain location while topics help connect the clients searching for your services to find your local business listing.

Geo-locators can be broad like state names, which can be good for businesses in small states or those with locations in multiple areas. More targeted geo-locators would be counties, cities, and even neighborhoods. These geo-locators are best for small businesses that serve only a limited area or have a single office location.

Good Internet marketing advantages can be gained when you know the topics your potential clients are searching for. For example, if you are a personal injury law firm in Denver, Colorado, your clients will be more apt to search for “skiing accident injury help” rather than “scuba diving accident liability”.

Knowing the topics your clients are putting into the search engines can help you improve your ranking on the local enhanced search results. This can give you an advantage over other businesses whose local business listings contain only the bare minimum of business details. By making use of all the optional information fields for SEO enhanced content you can have increased Internet marketing advantages.

Continue reading to learn about how certain aspects of getting clients to find your local business listings can be improved with help from SEO content services.