We Do Web ContentHow To Write a Great Call-To-Action for Your Web Content

How To Write a Great Call-To-Action for Your Web Content

SEO content is a great way to drive traffic to your website, but without clear directions, readers will typically finish that article and leave. Writing easy, engaging, and thoughtful directions can help you keep visitors on your website long enough to make a sale or become a new contact!

People love directions. We don’t love asking for them, but we really appreciate them when they are there. If you want the visitor’s to your website to take a specific action, don’t leave it to chance or assume they’ll figure it out intuitively on their own–TELL THEM.

Directions + Links

Every piece of Web content you publish should have clear directions for your reader as to what they should do after they are done reading. This is also called a Call To Action. These directions should be simple and not involve more than a single click of their mouse. If you want them to visit your article library to get more information about the topic of your article/blog or a related topic, include a sentence like:

For more information on <insert topic here>, visit our extensive article library. Then include a link to your article library. Do you have an E-book on your website? Well, if you publish any SEO content about a topic you cover in your E-book, include some directions at the bottom of your article that tell readers about your E-Book along with directions on how to download/order a copy along with a link.

Starting to see a pattern? Simple directions and links are vital to helping your website’s visitors understand all of the resources you have available on your website and what how you want them to utilize that information. Of course you can just have a Contact Tab on your navigational bar or menu, but you’ll get a lot more contacts by including directions and a link to your contact page at the end of an article.

Use Engaging Language to Make Your Directions Valuable

When you are writing out directions for your web visitors, wording is key! If you write “click here for more info”, the chances of someone actually clicking that link are slim to none. Give them a GOOD REASON to click on that link, i.e. – Download a FREE copy of our E-Book on How to Modify a Home Loan, etc., and you’ll see a lot more activity. You need to entice your reader to perform the action you want them to take.

If you want that reader to sign up for your Email list, Newsletter, or fill out a contact form, tell them (briefly!) about the benefits of joining your list. Writing, “Sign up for our quarterly newsletter” is boring and doesn’t give your audience an actual reason to sign up for anything. Changing that wording to “Receive valuable coupons, exclusive discounts, and the latest news about <insert your industry>, by signing up for our free Newsletter!” will get you a substantially higher subscription rate.

Don’t let your web visitors wander aimlessly around your website! Tell them about what you have to offer and how they can benefit from your website the most by including easy to follow directions, links, and engaging language. Need some more help? Check out our Call to Action below!

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