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Generating Leads Through Social Media

Social media networking, to put it bluntly, is all about being social. People join networks like Facebook and Twitter to connect with friends, meet new people who share similar interests, and get information about the world going on around them. Companies that have adapted their online marketing strategies to what social media has to offer have found increased sales and a broadened fan base.

Part of a successful social media strategy entails understanding the difference between selling and participating. A smart company varies their social media content to include:

  • Links and information outside of their website/sales goals
  • Links and information that point readers directly to their website
  • Content that responds to other people’s posts, comments, questions
  • Conversations with other people, including re-posting great comments, links, etc.
  • Content that creates polls, surveys, questions for their friends/followers
  • Specialized promotions exclusively for friends on that particular social media network

Generating leads through social media profiles can occur in several different ways depending on your overall approach to social media and your other ongoing Web marketing strategies. While direct marketing alone won’t take you very far in the realm of social media where people want to be talked to not talked at, you can use your profile to build relationships, establish trust with current and potential customers and drive that traffic to your website.

Once there, you can provide readers with the opportunity to join your email list, a great way to give them direct sales information outside of the social media arena, or encourage them to fill out a contact form to receive more information about your services. While there are various areas of your website that could incorporate a contact form (the Contact Us Page being a popular example), anyone with a website needs to have at least some kind of contact form available to collect customer information for people willing to give it.

Asking customers to contribute to short polls or surveys is another way to increase participation, but they can be annoying if used too frequently or if you’re asking a customer to complete a 50 question survey when all they wanted was to read a blog post.

Basically the trick is putting yourself in your customer’s shoes. You’re main goal after all is to provide a service, and social media allows companies to bring that level of service back down to the individual level, which can be empowering if done correctly (like Dell) or annoying if you are only using your profile as a sales channel. Generating free leads is easier than you think, contact We Do Web Content today to find out more!

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