We Do Web ContentTips on Gaining New Clients Through Your Legal Website

Tips on Gaining New Clients Through Your Legal Website

Occasionally we’ll meet attorneys who tell us that they are disenchanted with their online advertising efforts and that they are failing to gain new clients via the Web. Oftentimes, they’ll say something like, “My website’s just not working!”

Before you abandon a large and rapidly-growing segment of the population that is searching for legal services online, you’ll need to seriously consider why your website isn’t yielding the number of leads (and converting clients) that you desire. After analyzing an attorney’s existing website and overall online marketing strategy, we usually identify one or more of the problems listed below.

The Poorly Designed Website

If your law firm’s website was designed by a college freshman taking Web Design 101, it’s going to show and it will, we repeat, will repel visitors. Many legal websites are now incorporating dynamic graphics, current event blog feeds, videos, and other features that appeal to visitors. If your site looks outdated, has technical errors, or consists of only 4 static pages, it needs to be updated, and fast.

Hard to Find Contact Information

Visitors to your website shouldn’t have to hunt down your contact information
– after all, what’s the benefit of having a great website if visitors can’t find your number to call you? A telephone number should be prominently displayed on the homepage, in a Contact Us section, and in a centralized location on every page of your site (some sites use the bottom of the page for this feature).

Many successful legal websites feature a contact form on their homepage that allows visitors to quickly fill in their contact information and e-mail it to the firm.
The contact form is a great tool that we highly recommend. It takes a minimal amount of effort for the visitor, which is critical when most visitors spend less than a few minutes on a website as they surf the Web. The best part is you get all the contact information you need for a new potential client in an organized format.

Mismanagement of Leads

If you have a website in place and you’re not gaining new clients through it, analyze the internal administrative procedures you have in place. For example, do you have a designated phone number for your website or does your receptionist or legal assistant ask potential clients how they learned of your firm? If you aren’t tracking the origin of your leads, how do you know what advertising strategy is working for you?

Perhaps you have someone who is responsible for responding to online inquiries that come in through an e-mail address listed on your website. Examine how long it takes for that employee to typically respond to an inquiry. If a contact with the potential client isn’t made within 24 hours or less, they are likely going to reach out to another attorney.


Whether your website problems stem from poor management of leads, or a website that needs sprucing up, we can help. We Do Web Content specializes in online legal marketing and SEO legal content. Contact us today to schedule an initial website consultation with our SEO team.