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Customer Service and Your Legal Website

Providing superior customer service to your clients isn’t limited to returning their phone calls in a timely manner and regularly updating them on the status of their case. In fact, good customer service starts before the attorney-client relationship is officially formed if a client is searching the Web for legal representation.

Making sure your website is found should be your first priority
; and converting visitors to clients will be more likely to occur if you provide good customer service. Follow these Web content development tips for your legal website and you’ll increase your chances of getting a potential client’s business.

Contact Information

Perhaps the most important step in providing good customer service to potential clients is clearly indicating how they can contact you. Contact information for your firm should be clearly displayed on every page, as well as contained within its own tab or section containing an online contact form.

If you have more than one office location, consider a toll-free number. Potential clients can call this central number to speak with a staff member who can redirect them to the most appropriate office to handle their case.

About Us

Neglecting to include information on your website about your firm and the attorneys who work there can be a critical failure in establishing credibility with a potential client. In a recent survey conducted on legal website usage, participants noted that information in the “About Us” section (particularly in video interviews), help them evaluate a lawyer’s demeanor, presence or style. This is especially important when selecting an attorney for litigation matters.

Including information on education, professional memberships, philanthropic endeavors, and cases of special import is useful in giving a website visitor a “snapshot” of you as a legal professional.


The SEO concept of “content is king” is especially applicable in the context of a legal website. Excellent communication skills are expected of any attorney, and typos, poor grammar, and overly complex legalese can quickly turn off visitors.

Providing information that is relevant to your target audience is key to providing good customer service
in this area of a website. Many law firms fail to do this effectively when they populate their site with articles published for legal journals, or simply fill the Resources section with links to other websites.

Use the Resources tab on your website as an opportunity to share information that potential clients are looking for and they’ll be more likely to view you as a trusted advisor
. For example, if you practice family law, provide articles on the child support laws in your state, or how to cope with the turmoil of a divorce. Your audience will respect you for providing value to their search beyond self-promotion.

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