We Do Web ContentHow to Build a Successful Business Profile on Twitter Part 1

How to Build a Successful Business Profile on Twitter Part 1

Everyday more and more businesses are turning to micro-blogging networks like Twitter to expand their marketing efforts. But how does a business go about adjusting to a social media website focused on individuals and still represent their brand?

The first step is building a successful business profile.

What’s in a name? Everything!

In Twitter, your name, or handle, is extremely important because it is representing and identifyingyour company or brand. Choosing the right name for your profile is an important part of how effectively people will be able to find and trust your tweets. It’s also important to remember thatTwitter handles can only be 15 characters or less, so you may need to abbreviate your company’s name.

If your ideal name is already taken, choose a handle that can best represent your company and industry. Avoid using numbers, hyphens, or underscores as they can be confusing or cause other complications.

You will also need to decide if you are going to have one Twitter account for your business or several.

If you are choosing to invest in only one Twitter account but multiple writers will have access to it, make sure they sign their initials or another identifying symbol in their posts. This will help ensure that followers don’t start a conversation with one employee and are hurt or confused when a different employee using the same handle doesn’t remember it.

If you will be using multiple accounts for your company use the employee’s name or initials along with your company name. Followers enjoy speaking with people (it is a social networking site after all) and providing a name helps spark a personalized connection.