We Do Web ContentWhy is Facebook so popular?

Why is Facebook so popular?

Over the past few years the popularity of social networking websites has exploded worldwide.Facebook has recently surpassed MySpace as the most popular social media site on the Web with over 200 million active users.

So why is everyone flocking to Facebook?

A large part of Facebook’s appeal as a social media network has to do with its constant innovations. Facebook users have the opportunity to download thousands of continuouslyupdated applications that will allow them to connect, interact, and customize their overall experience.

Applications are often designed by Facebook users and cover an incredible amount of interests and functions including:

  • Connecting with relatives
  • Creating characters and using those characters to interact with friends (Vampires, Zombies, and Slayers are popular character applications)
  • Create or complete quizzes and invite your friends to complete them as well
  • Track Events
  • Review Movies
  • and the list goes on

The ability for users to tailor their profile to fit their particular needs, and to easily control how and when they use their Facebook account has proven to be a valuable asset.

Facebook pages are also incredibly user friendly and easy to change at will. They also come equipped with privacy controls that allow each user to determine exactly who sees their information or even specific areas of their information.

While there are most likely hundreds of different reasons why users love Facebook, what it basically comes down to is connection.

People are always looking for new ways to connect and interact with those around them, and often, those who are far away. Facebook is a fantastic platform to foster and encourage these connections.

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