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Marketing with Twitter

Social networking websites like Twitter are quickly becoming a vital element in many businesses marketing campaigns. The allure of instant connections, great customer feedback, and building brand loyalty are just too good to ignore. But before you take that great leap into the world of social media marketing, it’s important to identify and strategize your marketing goals just like you would with any ad campaign.

When deciding to create an account on Twitter, your company needs to have a game plan and identify what goals they wish to achieve by taking part in this type of Internet marketing. Below are some tips and ideas to consider when setting up a Twitter account.

Choosing a Name

Whether you are promoting your company as a whole or just a particular brand, make sure your Twitter name reflects that. Some companies claim several names, including common misspellings, to ensure that folks interested in their services are able to easily find and identify their business.

Names on Twitter are restricted to 15 characters or less, so if your company has a long name, you might need to think of creative shortcuts that still let your followers know who your company is and the kind of business or service you are offering.

It’s also nice to have more than one employee (if available) work on your Twitter account. This way you are assured that if someone gets sick, quits unexpectedly, or takes a vacation, someone will know the ins and outs of how your Twitter typically operates.


Links are a great way to market on Twitter. You can use them to connect your followers to longer blog posts or web content on your main site, introduce them to related news in your industry, and build relationships by linking to fun websites other than your own.

Building a successful Twitter account means understanding the balance between selling and interacting. If you want your followers to stay interested in your brand, you need to ask them questions, provide information, and do more than just pitch your product all day.

Linking to websites and articles that are interesting to you will show your followers a personal side of you. Using links to exchange both business and non-business information with your followers can establish a trust by proving that you are concerned with more than just your bottom line. Plus, if you turn them on to a great article or website, they’ll remember it came from you.

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