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Marketing Your SEO Web Content

Part of any effective SEO web content strategy is understanding the marketing value of your Web content as well as where to market the web content you have created. In order to create a solid SEO content marketing plan, you’ll first have to really examine the types of articles and blogs you are posting to your website.

SEO Content with a Purpose

Publishing SEO content on a consistent basis does help those pages (and your website) to improve its performance in terms of organic search engine results, but that content must have the correct focus if it’s to be effective from a marketing standpoint. Adding content for the sake of adding content is not the same as adding content that has value.

All of the SEO content you post to your website should serve a purpose. Your Web content should provide nuggets of info that your target audience craves and it needs to be written in an engaging style. Posting tons of dryly written articles that are heavy on fluff (or industry jargon) and light on value won’t help your website achieve the organic search engine traffic you’re looking for.

Before publishing anything on your website, whether it is a landing page, article, blog, an FAQ or a quick news item take a step back and think about the VALUE of the article. Is it well written? Does it include information about topics your audience is interested in? Why is this piece of SEO content better than other content written on the same subject?

If you can’t answer those questions positively while looking at your Web content, it’s time to start editing until that content achieves the value you are promising your readers by publishing it online.

Ensure Your SEO Content is Easily Readable

What’s the point of putting all this time and effort into crafting fabulous SEO content if you are not also ensuring your SEO content is appealing to the eye? You would be amazed (or maybe not) at how many websites we look at with pages and pages of LONG bulky paragraphs without breaks. Writing that appears as a long single block of text is uninviting to the Web reader, so visitors will flee the scene — sometimes before they even read the first sentence!

Make sure to keep your paragraphs short, include space breaks between your paragraphs and use images and subheadings to visually break up the text. You also need to edit for scanners, those folks that just skim an article rather than reading it start to finish, by bolding key points. These bold statements will jump out from the page and ensure your readers get value out of your article, even if they can’t commit to reading it word-for-word.

Marketing SEO Content

SEO content that brings value to readers gets shared; however, you should not depend solely on organic searches to provide you with new readers. Get the word out about your SEO content by promoting it on your blog, interacting on social media networks, participating in online forums and leaving comments on other related blogs with links to your SEO content.

When posting links on other blogs, make sure that link accompanies a valuable comment based on the blog you are leaving the comment on. Just writing: “great blog check out my blog” and adding a link will probably get you flagged as spam. If you show the blog author you read their piece, provide your insights on the topic and then add your link for further commentary on the subject, you are providing value to the blog you are visiting and will increase the chances of that link remaining in the comment section for others to view.

You can also use these types of interaction to network with other professionals in your industry while expanding your readership in the process! Just remember, your SEO content must bring value in order for readers to respond to it. Half the battle is creating that great SEO content and the other half is letting the world know about it.

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