We Do Web ContentStay Connected to Clients with a Monthly Electronic Newsletter (Part A)

Stay Connected to Clients with a Monthly Electronic Newsletter (Part A)

Keeping in touch with hundreds of clients can be quite a hassle without a scheduled, monthly electronic newsletter. Newsletter marketing is one of the most effective and easy methods of client outreach, but many business owners aren’t sure about how to start a newsletter. Our newsletter content service can be customized in many ways, and tailored to fit your marketing plan.

At We Do Web Content, we provide email newsletter service to produce a content-rich, attractive publication that your clients will be eager to see in their inbox each month!

The Many Types of Newsletter Content

Service from your business is your first method of creating happy clients, but once you’ve met their needs, how do you keep them around? If you’re a business that doesn’t see a lot of consistent repeat customers, like a law firm, you need a way to keep your name in your clients’ mind.

You never know when they’ll have a friend or family member who needs your services! A monthly electronic newsletter is an effective, low-cost method of sending a scheduled reminder of your company’s services to past clients.

It can also be a great way to generate new clients when your newsletter content is so interesting and useful that recipients share it with friends who aren’t part of your network yet.

When we’re asked how to start a newsletter, the first aspect we look at is the content. Some of the questions you want to ask regarding your content include: 

  • Does your business want to be identified as an informative source of knowledge about your industry?
  • Do you want to have a more light-hearted publication?
  • How much office-related content do you want to offer, if any? and
  • Is there any important news from your office or industry you need to share?

Some businesses will benefit more from sticking to industry-related news, important information for clients, and topical articles. If your business is very community oriented, you may want to lighten things up with some local news, office events, and even a personal touch about your own life.

The content provided by the We Do Web Content email newsletter services is targeted toward the impression you want to make on your clients. Continue reading to learn more about how a monthly electronic newsletter can be an easy marketing solution with our newsletter content service.