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Branding Your Online Content

Branding your company online means more than choosing colors and fonts for your website. When it comes to creating SEO copy, branding your words (look, sound, style, and so on) is a key element, especially if that content is appearing anywhere outside of your website. Branding content is a somewhat open concept, but basically entails a marriage of design and wording. Like most marriages, great design or great SEO content alone isn’t enough, they need to work together to achieve the most impact for your readers.

The Great Design

The ability to brand your content design-wise will be limited to your medium. You have much more control over a blog or website that you are running versus posting on a social media website or an online forum. When designing your company’s blog, it’s important to include colors, fonts, and images that reflect your brand; however, the great part about a blog is that it is a separate entity and you have the opportunity to dress things up and perhaps take more design risks than you would on your main website.

If your company blog has a much lighter tone than your website, let the design reflect that. Readers still need to be able to clearly read and navigate through your content, but your design should keep them engaged and create a space that memorably (in a good way!) represents your online marketing efforts. Top Rank recently published a great article specifically about branding your company blog.

Social media profiles
usually have less options for personal branding, but more options are becomming available daily (usually through third-party developers). Make sure your company’s logo appears prominently on all of your social media profiles and that your avatar/picture/logo or whatever image you select to appear besides your posts speaks to your company’s vision. Different forums (i.e. – blogs vs social media) will present new opportunities to stretch your brand’s legs so to speak. Use these opportunities to play with design, just make sure your brand off-shoots relate back to your main brand.

Style and Voice

If design catches their eye, great content will make them stay. Branding your online content also includes creating an interesting, unique, and informative voice and style for all of your pieces. A great writer knows how to combine information with entertainment, creating organic SEO content that not only promotes your company, but creates a voice for your company. When people are reading your blogs or a comment on an online forum or a post on Facebook that voice will come through — for better or worse.

It’s also important to note that great SEO writing doesn’t necessarily have to be funny or serious, but it does have to engage the reader. If you feel like your company can write in great length about topics that wouldn’t co-exist well on a single blog, create separate blogs for those topics.

For example, if a law firm created a company blog to discuss recent news events and lawsuits about car accidents but they also wanted to discuss another major-but-unrelated practice area like nursing home abuse, creating two separate blogs could ease confusion for folks wondering why a car accident blog is discussing slip and fall accidents, and allow each blog to evolve organically without seeming forced.

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