We Do Web ContentKeep Professional Connections From Getting Too Personal

Keep Professional Connections From Getting Too Personal

As the owner or marketer of a website, your main goal is to connect with current and potential clients while keeping them informed of the latest news that affects them in your industry. Successful online marketing strategies often call for a mulit-pronged approach inlcuding email marketing and social media networking, but it’s important to not fall into a trap where you end up bombarding clients with too much information, or worse, getting a little too personal with your contacts.

Choosing Your Online Marketing Strategies

It’s a great idea for Internet marketers to use and integrate more than one approach to connect with their clients. Many businesses use email marketing, newsletters, and social media (often in conjunction with each other) to reach out to contacts they have gained through their website.

These are successful approaches to use when your audience wants to receive them. The best way to ensure your customer gets the information they want is to always leave the choice up to them. In the contact form on your website, create a box where contacts can tell you if they would like to receive emails and/or online newsletters from your company. Additionally, it is just as important (and ethical), to clearly display information on each email or newsletter with information on how to unsubscribe (or opt out) of receiving further messages and to always obey those wishes.

Perhaps a client enjoys your quarterly online newsletters but would rather not receive weekly email updates. If you want to stay on their good side, you need to respect those wishes. The same goes for social media, let your customers and contacts know how to friend/follow you on the social networks your company has profiles on, but don’t be too pushy. Maybe they enjoy your Facebook Fan Page but would prefer not to follow you on Twitter. That’s ok, it’s their choice.

Presenting choices is the best way to keep everyone happy. That way the people on your email and newsletter lists are the ones who will truly benefit from all the work you’ve put into those campaigns and you’ll see A LOT less spam flagging, nasty email responses, and other negative consequences of assuming how those clients would like to communicate with you.

Keep it Professional

There’s a difference between sending out a newsletter or email your clients have subscribed to with a Happy Holidays message and sending your entire list a Merry Christmas eCard. Some people may enjoy it, but chances are most of your online contacts don’t want to open an eCard from you. They also don’t want to see pictures of your family or news about your puppy finally finishing obedience training.

There’s a line between putting a personal face on your company and just giving out too much information. Telling your contacts about a conference or trade show you’ll be attending is relevant, telling them about your skiing trip is not. Just stay a bit on the conservative side when it comes to relating personal information to your clients and you’ll help keep those relationships professional (as they should be).

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