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Online Marketing in a Down Economy

Making the most of your online marketing resources is a priority for any company, but during a down economy every penny counts. Consumers more than ever are looking for the most value for their spending dollars, and with the exploding growth of social media, those consumers are spending more time getting online recommendations and comparison shopping before making a major purchase.

The good news is that consumers are still out looking for your products and services, you just need to be able to reach them. During a slower economy, the best online strategies are the ones that help you bring in the best ROI for your efforts. This includes making sure that your website is performing at optimum levels, including:

  • Simple, clean, and branded website design
  • Easy navigation for your website’s visitors
  • organic SEO content
  • Contact Forms and incentives to generate those leads

Exploring Low-Cost Internet Marketing Options
There are several of low-cost online marketing options that not only help drive traffic to your website, but establish your brand within larger online communities, and create positive relationships with your current and potential customers. These include:

  • Social Media – creating and maintaining profiles on website like Facebook and Twitter
  • Blogs – creating an internal blog on your main website and/or an external blog to help drive traffic
  • Participating in online communities – this can include interacting with other blogs, online forums, etc.

Social media profiles are mostly free or very low cost and can help your brand connect with customers, generate ideas for future marketing strategies or product development, and they can add traction to your other web marketing efforts (email campaigns, website promotions, content development, etc.).

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