We Do Web ContentBlinkx: The Next Generation In Online Video Technology?

Blinkx: The Next Generation In Online Video Technology?

Companies looking to maintain a competitive edge should prepare to hear the words “Lights! Camera! Action!” According to comScore, a digital marketing intelligence company. Internet users are now conducting more searches on the video sharing site, YouTube, than the popular search engine, Yahoo. The trend of video integration into a consumer’s Internet habits opens a world of possibilities for marketing products and services. The video search engine, Blinkx, promises to bring organization to the world of online video clips.

What is Blinkx?

Blinkx is a multimedia search engine that uses “a unique combination of patented conceptual search, speech recognition and video analysis software to efficiently, automatically and accurately find and qualify online video.” Blinkx was created in 2004 and went public on the London Stock Exchange in 2007.

Blinkx Statistics

Just four years have passed since Blinkx launched their video search engine, but the company boasts an impressive track record so far – 

·        35,000,000 hours of video indexed and fully searchable

·        450+ media partners signed

·        Powers video searches for 3 of the top 5 search providers

·        $350M US market capitalization

·        2nd most successful IPO in two years

What Sets Blinkx Apart

Blinkx differs from YouTube in that it doesn’t offer video hosting capabilities. The utility of Blinkx is based in its function as a search engine – Blinkx has 111 patents on its unique search function that scours the Internet for content and processes the video’s audio and visual elements to produce relevant search engine results for a user who has typed a keyword into the query box.

As Blinkx gains popularity, and capitalizes on the trend of users to search for video content, online marketing strategies can take advantage of another avenue than can be used to convey messages and promotions to users.