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Real-Time Search Keeping Content Current

Real-time search engines are popping up all over the Interent to help Web users find the latest, and most relevant information about news, products, and more by pulling results from social media networks and blogs. While Google search engine results might pull up an outdated article published several years ago, this new breed of search engines combine relevance with the most recently updated content and might change the way Internet users find the information they are searching for.

Driven by the recent success of social networking websites like Twitter, real-time search engines seek to create more reliable search results that include everything from blog posts and Youtube videos to online photos uploaded from camera phones.

One such real-time search engine, Scoopler, is designed to not only provide up-to-the-second updates on hot topics like the election in Tehran, but product reviews and other topics that people are talking about online.

A.J. Asver, co-founder of Scoopler, said “People want to know what is happening now, and Google doesn’t serve that need very well.

Scoopler isn’t the only Bay area start-up to get into the real-time game, similar search engines are launching constantly including Collecta, Topsy, One Riot and Itpints.

While Twitter’s real-time search engine is gaining in popularity, it is still confined to what people are tweeting about versus what people are posting on other Internet sites.

There’s also the obvious issue of recency versus relevancy. While real-time search engines may be able to provide the most recent online posts about a given topic, they may not be relevant to what you are searching for.

The overall trend however, is picking up steam with major companies like GoogleFacebook, and others exploring the opportunity to expand their search results to include more real-time results.

Right now the technology is too new and includes too many new companies trying their hand at real-time to know who will come out on top. It does seem clear however, that real-time search is on the rise, even if just on a niche level (for now).

So what does this mean for online marketing? While it definitely underscores the need for any company with a website to get on the social networking bandwagon and update their blogs, it also speaks to the fact that SEO content needs to be constantly updated to main websites as well, and often.

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Is your company ready for real-time search?

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