We Do Web ContentSEO Press Releases Part 2

SEO Press Releases Part 2

About the Company is a short section that gives a quick summary of the company and its core business and business policies. This is a perfect place for a link to your company’s website.

Contact Information should provide the reader with the name, title, phone number, email, fax, and address of your Director of Communications. If you don’t have an official Media Director, appoint someone to serve as the media contact for the company and use their name consistently in your press releases.

Optimizing your press release for the web will require you to develop a SEO page title, incorporate keywords and phrases, and include images and video or audio clips, if available.

What are the advantages of a SEO Press Release?

  • Inexpensive advertising strategy that allows a business with a small marketing budget to compete with big businesses in their industry
  • High quality press releases give credibility to a business
  • Customers can quickly learn about a new product or service launch 
  • Multimedia components can be integrated in a press release to add interest

Distribution Sources for SEO Press Releases

Once you have written a press release optimized for the web, it will be time to send it out to adistribution list that might include:

  • Free online press release submission sites
  • Paid online press release submission sites
  • Industry-specific press release sites
  • The “Recent News” or “Press Releases” section of your company’s website
  • Newspapers, magazines, trade journals
  • Bloggers who write within your industry

WeDOwebContent can assist you in writing an online press release and increasing your page rankings through other inexpensive web-based marketing techniques. Contact us today for more information on our SEO press releases and our other online marketing services.