We Do Web ContentDistribution Sites for Your Online Press Release

Distribution Sites for Your Online Press Release

You’ve invested time in carefully crafting a SEO press release. You’ve selected an engaging topic, interviewed a key member of your organization for some quote-worthy information about the topic, and painstakingly inserted keywords and hyperlinks into the text.

Now what?
It’s time to distribute the release so all of your hard work gets noticed by potential customers andyour website (and company) get the attention it deserves.
Developing a distribution list for your online press releases and updating it regularly should be a major priority in your company’s marketing strategy.
First you need to identify what your specific goals are and how much time and money you want to invest in this process.
  • Do you simply want to increase your page rankings?
    If so, there are a number of free sites available for companies that specialize in providing a forum for press releases. For a small charge, most of these sites allow you to upload a basic press release. Your release is posted to their directory and a SEO Web page is created that links back to your website.
  • Do you want to build credibility with your readers?                                                                                                                             If you are one of the few businesses who can get your press release picked up by online newspapers, magazines and journals, consider yourself lucky. The large majority of press releases that are sent to the media are unfortunately overlooked. If your press release is published or picked up for a story, pat yourself on the back – you’ve just exposed your company to millions of potential readers.
  • Do you want to expedite the distribution process?

    Paid distribution sites will take your press release and distribute it for you to a targeted list of print, broadcast and online media. Prices may vary according to the number of distributions and the geographic area (local/nationwide/worldwide) specified by the customer. For example, Massmediadistribution.com’s prices range from $199 – $399.


  • Do you want to create buzz about your company?

    Blogs are the place to do it. Blogs offer an informal forum for your company’s news that is readily accessible and searchable across the Internet. Unlike journalists who must generate stories and meet deadlines, bloggers are not as inclined to use a press release for the starting point of a short article. The key to getting coverage for your press release is building a relationship with a blogger over time and bringing value to them. Acknowledging their help in bringing attention to your company will go a long way.

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