We Do Web ContentTips on Writing SEO Press Releases

Tips on Writing SEO Press Releases

Writing press releases and distributing them to your local newspaper can be an effective way to reach out to potential customers and increase your business’s name recognition in your community. But writing Search Engine Optimized (SEO) press releases and adding online distribution points can help you hit an advertising home run.

Submitting your press release to popular submission sites, online publications, and industry bloggers can help your business name go straight to the top of the search results pages with search giants like Google, Yahoo, and MSN.

About Page Rankings

Increasing the page ranking for your website is a sure-fire way to get your business noticed by consumers in need of your products and services. For example, if someone is looking for a lawyer to represent a senior citizen in their family, they may go to Google and search with the words “elder law attorney.” If your firm’s website is on Page 8 of the search results for that phrase, it is unlikely that your firm will be found by that potential client.

Most users don’t make it past Page 2 and if your website can’t be quickly located, what purpose is it serving?

Why Press Releases Should Be Optimized for the Web

In general, the more references to your company name that can be found on the Web, the higher your website’s ranking will be with the search engines. Theoretically you could give your site a boost in rankings by simply using press releases to add pages and new content to your own site, and others. But why stop there?

Incorporating SEO techniques in your press release will:

  • greatly enhance your page ranking,
  • drive visitors to your site,
  • engage them when they get there,
  • and hopefully convert them to customers!

Get Started on a SEO Press Release

Before you can optimize your press release for the Web, you must write a high-quality standard press release and focus on answering “Who, What, When, Where, Why, and How?” Articles on writing press releases can help you identify possible themes, tone, etc.

Once you have a rough draft, you can optimize it by:

  • Identifying keywords Web users might search with to find the information being published
  • Incorporate those keywords in your text and the page title
  • Position keywords prominently in your page title
  • Include images, audio and video relevant to the press release
  • Place a hyperlink to your company’s website in the first few lines of the text
  • Feature a few quotes from an executive at your company or someone who is an expert on the subject of your release

Writing a high-quality SEO press release requires practice and an investment of time.

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