We Do Web ContentSurvey Finds Wide Dissatisfaction with SEM Campaigns (Part B)

Survey Finds Wide Dissatisfaction with SEM Campaigns (Part B)

Dissatisfaction With Conversion Rate

Using the conversion rate to determine “success or failure of a campaign is a common and effective metric,”
according to [x + 1]. Accordingly, a majority of the respondents were not satisfied or very satisfied with their company’s ability to optimize sites for keywords.

Conversion rates greater than 20% were rare
with only 10.3% of those polled indicating this success rate.

One Expert’s Review of the Study

Steve Baldwin
, editor-in-chief at Didit, questions whether the high number of respondents managing SEM activities in-house may account for the number of those who are dissatisfied with the service. Another consideration when reviewing the results, according to Baldwin, is the decision-maker’s level within the organization.

In his article, “Unhappy With SEM? You’re Not Alone,” Baldwin warns SEM novices:

“Paid search is an exceptionally difficult marketing medium to master, despite the perception (promoted by the search engines) that it’s a self-serve, plug-and-play road to profits. Here, failure isn’t just an option: it’s practically guaranteed for the unwary and the unequipped.”

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