We Do Web ContentEditing Your Web Content For Readability

Editing Your Web Content For Readability

When you are dealing with Web content, how the page looks, and how your visitors will be reading the page are both important factors that need to be addressed. Part of this decision has to do with the design factors of your website, i.e., font style and size, colors for headings and sub-headings, etc. Other parts of the equation will come down to formatting and editing style choices.

Editing For the Web

It’s important to keep in mind that the way people read a web page is different than how they read a piece of paper. Our eyes get tired a lot faster when we are staring at a computer screen and there are usually more colors, shapes, and pictures on a web page than on a sheet of printed paper or even a newspaper. That being said, writing your SEO content will require you to keep your reader’s comfort in mind as you design the layout for each web page.

Easy formatting mistakes that should be avoided include:

  • Using too many colors on a single web page
  • Using a style of font that is difficult to read clearly or using a font size that is too small
  • Using too much flash animation or rotating banners on a single web page
  • Using several different font styles and sizes within a single article
  • Using several different colors in your font  (subheadings should be a single color, font should be a single color, links will take on a color as well, using additional colors will make the page look chaotic)

Paragraph Size and Readability

Another major mistake that many people make when publishing SEO content online is to write long, bulky paragraphs, one after the other, for several thousand words. These types of articles are just too long and too cumbersome to read online comfortably. Paragraphs need to be broken up into small 3-4 sentence mini-paragraphs for easy online reading.

Breaking up large blocks of content is also an important factor in keeping your reader engaged without hurting their eyes in the process. Insert occasional pictures, sub-headings, bolds, and lists to break up chunks of content into small, more digestable bites that will keep readers engaged as they read longer articles.

If you have a great article that is 3,000 words, there is no reason to keep it all on one page. Readers are far more likely to quit halfway through if they can scroll down the page for 10 seconds and see that the article goes on and on and on. If you break up that SEO content and ask the reader to enjoy a few small paragraphs then click onto another page to continue reading, you are far more likely to get them through to the end of your piece.

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