We Do Web ContentSEO Content: When More is More

SEO Content: When More is More

Over the holiday weekend I went to the beach to watch some July 4th fireworks with a few friends, and of course ended up talking about work (at least for a little while). One of my fellow beach-goers who knew about my job as an SEO content provider told me he had a friend who was thinking about adding some content to his website but was only interested in “5 or 6 pages”. Additionally, this website as it stands only has about 10 currently existing Web pages.

Since we were on the beach and I haven’t invested in an iPhone yet, I didn’t get to see the website personally, but whenever someone tells me their entire website consists of a whopping 10 pages, the red flag is already raised. At this point I tried not to go into sales mode, but I did feel the need to make clear that a website with such a tiny amount of content isn’t going to get picked up by search engines and adding 1/2 a dozen more pages is not really going to help.

It’s funny watching clients give you that initial double-take when you tell them that their website needs several hundred new Web pages or even upwards of a thousand pages to start generating leads and showing up prominently near the top of search engine rankings. You can see their eyes almost glaze over as they imagine the immensity of a thousand content pages like a giant book too heavy to even lift off of a desk.

When it comes to SEO Content More is Definitely More

SEO content is great investment because each optimized page acts as a mini-marketer driving traffic to your website. Of course the page needs to have relevant content pertaining to your business, but it’s important to get out of a mindframe that limits the amount of possible pages your website could have.

Hundreds of pages of long-form articles can sound overwhelming, but your website isn’t made up of hundreds of long-form pages, it includes landing pages, articles, blogs, FAQs, and so on for each area of your website. The more optimized pages your website contains, the more opportunities you have to show up in organic search engine results. Including these optimized pages will not only help your visitor make an informed purchasing decision, but also labels your website as a credible destination for information. Creating a reputation as a great informational source and a solid business establishes trust with your visitor and leads to higher conversion rates when all is said and done.

When you start thinking that a website only needs a few pages because it is a small business or only focuses on a small niche you are literally limiting your website’s possibilities. Adding content for content’s sake won’t help either, but creating dynamic pages with varied SEO content in varied forms will help drive traffic and help potential customers find your website.

When it comes to SEO content THINK BIG, THINK MORE. If you need any help, you know where to find us.

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