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Types of Corporate Blogs

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By now most people are familiar with blogs, or have at least heard the term with some regularity via the media, but “corporate blogging” is a somewhat recent trend. Progressive business ownersshould step up their marketing strategies to include blogging.

Web logs, or as they are commonly referred to now – blogs – offer organizations an opportunity to connect with employees and customers.

Internal Blogs

Internal blogs are designed to allow employees an opportunity to communicate via an internal intranet set up within the company. Each employee is set up with a username and password to access the intranet.

Advantages of Internal Blogs

  • Employees have additional opportunities to participate in company discussions in a non-threatening environment.
  • A greater sense of community develops as employees interact.
  • Frequent in-house meetings can be avoided and replaced by short blogs addressing issues and responding to relevant questions.

External Blogs

External blogs allow customers and website visitors an opportunity to connect directly with a company on a more personal level. These blog postings may be located within the main company website, or on a site devoted solely to the blog.

Advantages of External Blogs

  • Companies can better understand the needs and wants of customers.
  • Instantaneous feedback via comments to blogs posted by the company.
  • A forum for responding to criticism from media and dissatisfied customers.

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