We Do Web ContentLink Building: Marketing and Diversifying Your Links

Link Building: Marketing and Diversifying Your Links

Building links is a major factor in the success of your SEO web content. Search engines place high values on the amount of quality links that appear on your Web pages as well as the quality of inbound links that direct Internet users to your website. When you are deciding what links to include in any given piece of content, there are several factors that you should consider:

  • Relevance – Does this link relate to the content of your piece? A quality link needs to speak to what your blog or article is discussing if it going to have any impact on your content. Useless links won’t help your page rank or inspire your readers.
  • Quality – What is the page ranking of the Web page you are linking to? A link with a low page ranking may do more harm than good for your search engine page rankings. A quality link comes from a trusted source. It is also important that the trusted source is not just reputable overall, but that it carries trust and relevance based on the specific topic you are linking to.
  • Purpose – Why are you linking to this Web page? This factor speaks directly to both quality and relevance. A good link informs your reader beyond what is mentioned in the SEO content, illustrates a point in your content, defines a term that your visitors might not be familiar with, and so on. There needs to be a reason why the link is there beyond the need to just insert links into an online article.

Diversifying Your Links

Justilien Gaspard recently wrote a great article on link marketing for Search Engine Watch that goes into detail about how to build your links and market them to your potential online customers. One of main points in the article discusses the importance of diversifying your links the same way you would diversify all of your online content.

At We Do Web Content, we’re always stressing to our clients how great SEO content is diverse content, meaning that your website’s content needs to take on many forms including articles, blogs, FAQs, videos, slideshows, and so on that engages and informs your website’s visitors as well as promotes your products and services.

That being said, when you are deciding on what links to include in your SEO copy, there is no need to restrict your interest to other articles or blogs. When appropirate, linking to mulitmedia sources including videos, interactive tools, and other user-generated content can be a fantastic way to build interest while you are building links.

Marketing Your New Links

While creating quality links in your SEO content is a great step in the right direction, your online marketing strategies can’t stop there. Promoting your Web pages goes a long way to increase your search engine results to achieve a top search engine ranking. Joining and participating in online forums, blogging communities, social media networks like Facebook and Twitter, and providing links that direct users back to your website is imperative in achieving the quality inbound links that really get your website noticed by search engines.

This can be as simple as going to a website like Yahoo Answers and posting answers to questions about your products or industry or engaging social media users who are discussing your company online. Twitter, for example, has great tracking applications that allow you to follow conversations based on your company name or SEO keywords.

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