We Do Web ContentWhat Is SEO Copywriting?

What Is SEO Copywriting?

SEO Copywriting is the process of writing web content that improves the number of visitors (“traffic”) to a website from search engines through search results for any given query. The content of your website represents your voice and company on the Internet, which not only sets the professional standards and tone of your site, but determines the overall success of your online presence.

Unlike walking into a store and being able to speak with a trained sales associate, your online customer is greeted with the content you choose to publish on your web pages and that text becomes your voice. What you say and how you say it directly impacts your web visitor’s entire online experience when they visit your site. As the old adage goes, “Content is King” and the content you publish on your website can either work for you or against you.

Importance of Search Results

When someone initiates a search for something on the Internet, they typically compose a keyword, tag or key phrase that summarizes what they are looking for. Most people use a search engine, likeGoogleYahooMSNAOL, etc. and enter the keyword or phrase to find relevant websites that have information on that topic. Ranked results appear and the user can select the websites that interest them or seem most relevant to their search.

One of the primary goals of SEO copywriting is to achieve the highest page ranking possible. How important is page ranking? A website’s page ranking determines how likely someone will visit that page, for example, if your page is listed on the 1st page at the top of the page your page is more likely to get viewed than if you are on page 2 at the bottom of the page list.

How Are Web Pages Ranked?

Search engines develop algorithms to rank pages and index the pages for viewing based on a variety of factors that help them determine their overall relevancy. The following is the order of how the search engine process works:

  • Spiders, crawlers, & software retrieves Web pages
  • Pages are Indexed and organized by keywords, links, meta tags, and other factors
  • When a user types in their search query, the entry is compared to indexed pages to identify similarities
  • The pages are displayed based on relevancy determined by the search engine

If you know what the search engines are looking for, you can write and tailor your web content to help that content rank highly for your most sought-after keywords. Additionally, your web content needs to incorporate engaging information about those keywords in a voice and style that resonates with your target audience.

Ethical vs. Unethical SEO Practices

Writing for search engine optimization requires more than just throwing keywords on a page in order to achieve high ranking search engine results. Keyword stuffing and other unethical tactics that are sometimes used to try and trick search engines into ranking your site higher than it should are quickly discovered by search engines which in turn will heavily penalize or flat out ban your website.

The goal of SEO copywriting is to balance optimization techniques with artful writing. This will help your pages rank highly because they include the relevant information search engines are actually looking for while providing a quality experience for your readers.

What Sets SEO Copywriting Apart from Standard Web Content

There are two main goals you want to achieve through the content you post on your website. The first goal is to provide well written, researched, and edited content to help inform your readers and entice them to purchase your products/services. The second goal is to create web content that is optimized for search engines so Internet users can actually find your website, read your content, and then purchase your products/services.

So part of what sets SEO content apart from ordinary web copy (keeping your website goals in mind) is:

  • Well written, unique content created specifically for your target audience
  • Keywords used in the text, title and meta tags that maximize search engine results
  • Link building to increase the popularity of your content and your website
  • Editing that content for Internet readers (which is different than editing for print)

Balancing the goals of writing relevant, unique content and achieving high page rankings is a skill, and, if done well, an art.  We Do Web Content takes pride in producing high-quality and affordable SEO web copy that is clean, consistent, and formatted for Internet marketing. We get excited when your website’s search engine ranking climbs and YOU ARE FOUNDGet started today – 1-888-521-3880.