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Why SEO Is a Better Investment Than PPC

When choosing which online marketing strategies to invest in for your website, there are usually two major options that most people consider: Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Pay-Per-Click advertising (PPC). While many companies choose both options (usually one to a lesser degree than the other), the costs of both campaigns usually force businesses to focus their efforts on one or the other.

To make the best decision for your business you need to weigh the pros and cons of both options based on your company’s budget, your ROI expectations, and which choice will benefit your company the most in the long run. Eric Enge recently wrote a great article for Search Engine Watch that breaks down the benefits of SEO vs. PPC.

Some of the factors that Enge discusses as to why SEO benefits outweigh those of PPC include:

  • SEO drives more than 75% of all search engine traffic, PPC drives less than 25%
  • PPC campaigns are getting “increasingly competitive” while SEO interacts with multiple marketing channels
  • While PPC are relatively static, SEO results build upon themselves and grow over time, creating increased search engine tracking, link building, and other lead generating opportunities
  • High search engine rankings naturally invoke a sense of consumer trust — people assume that businesses that appear at the top of search engine results are both relevant and trustworthy

Another part of Enge’s article that seems to put everything into perspective states: “The windfall profit days of PPC are either gone or disappearing. Over time, you can count on PPC profits to shrink, as those who are willing to take lower margins spend more, and those who see brand benefits become willing to lose money on their campaigns (when measured in a direct response model).”

Pay-Per-Click really only works on one level, and is constantly plagued by click fraud and increasingly low ROIs. SEO on the other hand, when done properly works to increase visitors over time and what begins as an initial investment pays for itself over an over through increased traffic, higher conversion rates (if you have the right SEO content to back it up), and a website that does a lot of your marketing for you by allowing potential customers to find your websites through various search methods and platforms.

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