We Do Web ContentSEO Content: Use Tone and Style to Keep Readers Engaged

SEO Content: Use Tone and Style to Keep Readers Engaged

When you are planning the SEO content for your website, it is important to keep your tone in mind. The tone of an article becomes the voice of that piece to a reader. Some informative articles have a tone that speaks to it’s presumed authority in the subject it is addressing, some articles are meant to sound more personal and can read almost like a letter that the author has created just for you, while others are funny, sarcastic, snarky…you get the idea.

Different Tones Create DIfferent Impressions

Varying your tone not only creates a voice for your piece, but imparts your attitude towards the subject. An article about diabetes written in a formal, straight-forward tone might give readers the impression of authority, which can be great. A similar article written in a more sympathetic tone that directly addresses the readers from a personal standpoint can give the reader the impression that you not only understand what they are going through, but can connect with them on that level.

Neither article is wrong, and obviously both have great points that will appeal more or less to different readers.  What’s important to keep in mind though is that you need to be aware of what tone you are taking in your writing and what impression you want to leave your readers with.

Inject a Little Bit Of Your Personality Into Your Writing

It’s also important to keep in mind that organic SEO writing needs to have some style and personal flair on the part of the writer to keep readers engaged. Any SEO content on your website should be grammatically correct and free of typos, but there is no reason why you can’t inject some of your own personal writing style when composing your articles or blogs.

If you are funny, it’s ok to inject some humor into your writing. It’s also ok to write more formal articles on your main website and let loose a little in your blog. For the most part, blogs are almost universally more informal than long articles, so this might be a good area to try out a few new writing styles and see how your readers respond. Have fun with your writing, just do it with a purpose and always keep your audience in mind.

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