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Make the Right Connections with LinkedIn

As is the case with any social networking website, Linkedin can be a valuable tool in your online marketing arsenal if you invest the time and energy into maintaining your profile and making the right connections. LinkedIn, a professional website, is especially useful during the current recession, when getting your foot in the door can be extremely difficult because of the other 500 feet in the way.

Having a referral from someone in the “inner loop” can give you the competitive edge you need to land an interview and get noticed. Using LinkedIn in addition to writing quality cover letters and resumes, attending networking events, and relentlessly hunting for jobs on Careerbuilder, Monster, and Craigslist, can be the extra step that really gets you noticed.

Amanda Sundt is one LinkedIn user who found success finding a job using the professional social networking site. Sundt’s job hunt was chronicled in the Wall Street Journal along with other out-of-work professionals. Sundt, an executive in the marketing field, participated in an industry group on LinkedIn and a CEO saw her resume and sent her a note asking her if she was interested in an open position.

Sundt emphasizes the importance of maintaining a network – in good times and bad. Eric Kuhn, a recent Hamilton College graduate, realized this important lesson and dedicated time during his junior year to build his LinkedIn profile in preparation for his upcoming job hunt. He used a feature on LinkedIn to search for a company he wanted to work for and found a connection quickly through an old classmate. Shortly thereafter, he landed an interview and it was a “perfect fit.”

Make the right connections with LinkedIn by:

  • Creating an interesting, keyword-rich profile
  • Participating in LinkedIn groups
  • Asking and answering (if qualified to do so) questions in the Answers section of the site
  • Adding contacts to your profile

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