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Top 5 SEO Tips For a Searchable Website

Search engine optimization is a great strategy to help Internet users find your website. While SEO can be a major undertaking, below are the top five basic SEO tips that can be easily and quickly adapted to your website.

1. Keyword-Rich Content

If you want your website to show up on Internet searches, you need to provide original, relevant content featuring the information your potential customers will be searching for.

While inserting keywords in tags and titles is a must-do, the results will be useless if you don’t have the content to keep your visitors interested. It is also incredibly important to continue to update your content on a regular basis. If you’re not giving your website the attention it deserves, your customers won’t pay any attention to it either.

2. Quality Links

Not only do quality links drive traffic to and from your website, they also help improve yoursearch result ranking.

Linking to reputable websites that receive large amounts of traffic and engaging in online communities (not just dropping a link, but building long-term relationships) will build trust and supply your website with an ongoing network of information seekers and new customers.

Just remember not all links are created equal and if you are linking to a website that has nothing to do with you or your content, it’s not going to help anyone and may even work against your ranking.

3. Name Everything!

One of the biggest and most common mistakes people make when designing their website is not creating SEO-friendly names everywhere they can. This means inserting relevant keywords and phrases into URLs, anchor text for links, title tags, headings, alt tags for images, etc.

Every time you allow a page to stay titled “yourdomain.com/newpage1” instead of “yourdomain.com/blueberry-pancakes” (insert your own relevant product or service keyword) you are losing valuable search real estate.

4. Keyword-Infused Page Titles

This may be the most important search factor that will appear on your webpage. If you do not have a relevant keyword in your page title it is close to impossible to get a high ranking for a search.

5. Use Meta Descriptions

Meta descriptions are the few short sentences that often appear directly under your page title as part of the search results. They serve as a preview of the information that will be on that particular web page.

If you can write a clear, keyword-rich description that’s going to entice readers more than the search result above or below you, you win. If you leave it blank, they may prefer to go somewhere else.

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