We Do Web ContentSuccess Tips for Businesses on Twitter

Success Tips for Businesses on Twitter

The great thing about emerging social media networks like Twitter is exploring all the new possibilities and applications they can afford you. Companies are tuning in to Twitter and reaching new fans by connecting with their followers, listening to new trends, engaging in industry news and updates, and finding exciting new ways to promote their brand.

The good news is that Twitter’s relative newness and constantly evolving nature make it open to innovation. Basically there are few things you can actually do wrong. On the other hand, tweeting all day without an action plan can have you running in circles instead of expanding, so it is important tolog on with a game plan.
Below are some basic tips on how your business can succeed on Twitter:
Listen First
There are some fabulous Twitter applications out there that can help you find out who is talking about:
  • your company or brand
  • your competitors
  • what’s going on in your industry
  • what’s hot right now
  • or any other topic of interest
Use these tools to listen to what people are saying. They may help you rethink a marketing strategy, go in a new direction, guide your research and development, or give you an idea you haven’t even thought of yet. Take advantage of this priceless information that’s free to all users and do your market research!
Vary Your Content
Even when the messages are small, people will still get bored. Forget pitching your product in every post and focus on how to connect and build relationships with people on the website. It will be hard to get or keep new followers if all your postings sound like an ad.
Great content includes:
  • providing links to blog posts on your website
  • posting links to fun content on other websites (very important in building credibility, no one wants to be friends with a rotating advertisement)
  • asking questions
  • conducting strawpolls
  • posting pictures
  • posting stories about your employees (with their consent)
  • news in your industry
  • posting what your company is up to (going to a conference, etc)
Become a Follower
Part of community building means following as well as leading, especially on Twitter. Responding to tweets, tweeting about other people’s tweets, and actively engaging with the network is critical. The great part about Twitter is that you can follow someone who likes to tweet about your kind of company and through them find other Twitter folks who feel the same. The networking possibilities are everywhere, you just have to remember that successful tweeting is a 2 (or more) way street.
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