We Do Web ContentTwitter Don’ts: Etiquette for Businesses

Twitter Don’ts: Etiquette for Businesses

Companies are quickly turning to social media networks like Twitter to reach out to more customers.Creating a great profile, while important, is only half the battle.

To help you get the most impact out of your company’s Twitter account we’ve developed a fewsimple Twitter etiquette tips.

Follow and Be Followed

Having too many followers sounds like a good thing, but not when you are only following a handful in return. Twitter users who see that you have several hundred or thousand followers but are only following a few dozen will assume you are a spam site and drop you.

When it comes to adding followers, start small and build gradually. Adding large amounts of followers too quickly may cause Twitter to think you are a spam site and suspend your account.

Avoid Excessive Tweets

Tweeting over 20 times an hour can push other messages out of your follower’s homepages and or run up their cell phone charges which may cause them to stop following you. Try using DMs (direct messages) to address tweets that your entire network might not need to see.

This also applies for long series of posts that force your followers to read multiple tweets to read the entirety of one message. If you can’t say it in 140 characters or less you may need to employ links (just don’t overdo it).

Who’s Tweeting?

Twitter folks want to know who they are tweeting with. If you have more than one person writing your Twitter posts, make sure they identify themselves in all of their posts. This can avoid confusion when conversing with your company’s followers.

If you have multiple Twitter accounts for your companyuse your employees’ names or initialsalong with your company name in their handle.

Be Careful What You Tweet

Remember that every post on Twitter is searchable and keep that in mind when constructing your posts. Tweets that attack other users, discuss employee actions without their permission, or are just inappropriate for your business should always be avoided. You never know when they can come back to haunt you.

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