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Facebook Profiles: Keep Your Reputation in Tact

We’d like to think that when we leave work at the end of the day it stays there. Unfortunately, through the powers of the Internet that notion is quickly disappearing. Companies receiving applications for open positions are now checking out their applicant’s online profiles before setting up interviews, andcustomers have more access to the companies they frequent than ever before.

If you have a personal profile on Facebook and link that profile to your company’s fan page (like many owners and employees do), you run the risk of your personal life and your professional life merging in a whole new way.

A few ideas to consider when balancing your personal life on Facebook with your professional one:  

1. Think Before You Type

Social networking is great. It lets us say what we want to say and communicate with friends in every time zone with just a few keystrokes. When your Facebook profile is linked to your company’s fan page however, you need to be more aware of what you say and post.

Sure you had a great time at the bar last night and you can’t wait for that special someone to call, but posting an update about it on your wall may come back to haunt you in more ways than you know. This holds especially true for any major complaints about work or juicy office gossip.

There is a time and a place for these comments and most likely it isn’t in a public forum. If you want a place to vent there are ways to anonymously post rants online, but if those rants contain names or specific information that can get linked back to you, you’re better off just calling a friend.

2. Choose Your Pictures Carefully

If you are promoting your company or brand on your personal website in addition to your fan page, you need to be a little more conservative in your choice of pictures.

Even though your friends might be really excited about seeing pictures of you in your bathing suit from your last vacation, potential customers do notunless your company sells swimsuits.

If you want a private Facebook page to express yourself to the fullest, go for it. If you’re using that page to promote yourself and your company you’ll need to show some restraint.

So is there anything I can do?

These suggestions don’t mean to imply that you have to be all business all the time (that’s whatLinkedin is for), but if your personal profile friends include clients, vendors, or customers you don’t want to create any too-much-information moments that may affect your working relationship.

Maybe this means that you should keep your personal profile far away from your company’s fan page or reconfigure your privacy settings, but when you think about it, the suggestions above apply to personal profiles, too.

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