We Do Web ContentEnhance Your Social Marketing with Social Media Syndication (Part B)

Enhance Your Social Marketing with Social Media Syndication (Part B)

Getting the Right Social Media Content in Your Social Media Syndication
When you’re planning your social marketing strategy you need to be conscious of writing social media content that’s “share-able” to your Facebook followers. It can be difficult to generate content to be shared for some industries like patent law or Workers’ Compensation claim litigation.

This is a problem that can be alleviated by working with a good social media syndication team like We Do Web Content!

One of the strategies we use is to generate social media content that’s a bit off the beaten path. For example, most followers of a Facebook page for a DUI victim law firm won’t be too excited about sharing or commenting on an article about traumatic brain injuries. However, they’d probably pass along an article they saw regarding local traffic patrol increases for the Labor Day holiday weekend.

By monitoring the type of content you use in your social marketing strategy you can make the best impression on your clients through web content marketing.

Social Media Syndication is All about Location

When you think social marketing your thoughts probably turn immediately to Facebook and Twitter. While these are the 2 most popular methods of social media syndication, there are many other methods of web content marketing that fall into this category.

Some local business directories allow you to post links to your social media content, or integrate your blog’s RSS feed into your listing. This can help potential clients see just what kind of services and knowledge you have to offer if they choose to contact your business.

There are also a plethora of other social media networks out there to help businesses with social media syndication. LinkedIn is a great option that allows professionals and businesses to network and showcase their articles and blogs from their profiles and listings. There are also several industry-specific social media networks that may benefit your business as well.

With all of these choices and the need for quality social media content to place upon them, social marketing can be tough.

You don’t need to go it alone when you let We Do Web Content handle your social media syndication!

Get Help with Social Media Syndication for your Social Media Content

If your web content marketing doesn’t include social marketing you’re missing out on a huge opportunity! Don’t be the last business on the block without a “find us on Facebook” or “follow us on Twitter” sign in your window. We Do Web Content can help you with your social media syndication and generate the social media content that attracts your next new client!

When your business is looking for quality, custom content for your website,newsletters, and social media marketing look no further than We Do Web Content. Having unique content for use in your Internet marketing is a great way to increase search engine rankings and boost your client outreach. For affordable, quality content exclusive to YOUR website, blog and newsletters, contact us today!  1-888-521-3880.