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The Four Second Rule

You’ve found your SEO keywords, your website is set up, and people are starting to find your web pages through organic search results — but what happens when they get there? Experts claim that the average internet user typically spends a total of four seconds scanning a web page, if your page doesn’t retain their interest in four seconds they leave, it’s that simple.

SEO content is important for a multitude of reasons, but if it isn’t relevant, engaging, and written well, no one will stay to read it. Great content is more than making sure your SEO keywords are sprinkled throughout the page helping you drive web traffic, the keywords have to make sense in the scope of the article they appear in and in the overall scope of your website.

Stay Relevant

If your website sells jewelry and you try to write some SEO content featuring the term “Harry Potter” over and over again to try to get more traffic to your website, no one foolish enough to click on that page will stay long enough to read the entire article or buy any of your jewelry.

When people search for terms in search engines, they are looking for information that relates to those terms. If you manage to throw off a search engine temporarily (they’ll catch on soon enough) with keywords that don’t relate to your products or services, it’s only going to make your visitors angry and you’ll probably get a 100% bounce rate (that’s bad BTW).

Your SEO content should have everything to do with your company and industry and focus on the keywords that will drive people who are actually interested in your products to your website. Driving random traffic isn’t a terribly effective online marketing strategy. Keep your SEO content relevant.

Engage Your Readers

Stringing together a bunch of facts, even if they are technically relevant, does not make a good article. It has to be lively, engaging, interactive, and it should speak in a tone that is both informative and personal to your readers. Your website’s content should not sound like a term paper, a police report, or a lecture — it needs to have style, personality, humor, or some emotional context that lets readers identify and relate to your writing.

Don’t bore your readers and don’t write to them like they are children or experts in your field. You need to find the balance between being an authority on a subject and being able to explain those concepts to people who may not even be the least familiar with what you do, but may require your services (lawyers, I’m looking at you).

Dull writing is the quickest way to have a potential customer lose interest. Go to website you enjoy and read their content, paying attention to their wording and how they are addressing the subject and you’ll get the idea.  Always keep the four second rule in mind when creating your SEO content. If the content isn’t relevant, engaging, and free of poor writing or grammar errors, you might want to spend a little more time editing before your send it out into the world.

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