We Do Web ContentWhat are Twitter Tools?

What are Twitter Tools?

While marketers are embracing the networking benefits social media networks like Twitter provide, time management can be a major drawback. Thankfully, new Twitter applications are popping up all over the Web, but with the constant influx of third-party technologies it can hard to keep up.

Below are some of the most useful Twitter applications for businesses that help keep track of updates, analytics, and promotional opportunities. 

Tweetlater – This helpful application lets you schedule your tweets (even on multiple accounts) and will post them whenever you want. It’s a great way to save time by writing tweets in advance and getting your posts online whenever you want them there, whether you are near a computer or not.

Twitterfeed – Do you have an RSS feed? You should and Twitterfeed will post your RSS feed to your Twitter account automatically.

Tweetbeep – Similar to Google Alerts, Tweetbeep allows users to follow conversations that mention your company, products, or other relevant keywords and provides hourly updates. Tweetbeep can track tweets for your website and blog too.

Twitterise – Advertising on Twitter just got a little easier thanks to this handy application that not only allows you to advertise directly on Twitter, but also tracks the effectiveness of your ads to drive traffic to your website.

Strawpoll – Twitter folks (or tweeples) love voicing their opinions, which can make for some great instant research. Strawpoll allows you to create your own Twitter friendly polls, which can be a fun and productive way to interact with your followers.

Twitterurly – Find out what’s hot in the Twitterverse by checking out the top 100 URLs mentioned in any given 24 hour period. This scan involves a real time voting system composed of every tweet that mentions any kind of URL from full to shortened (TinyURLS and Snipurls) so you can get a really good idea of what everyone’s talking about.

twtQpon – Coupons created just for Twitter users. Marketing genius!

Tweetscan – Find out who is talking about your company, your industry, or any topic of interest. Daily and weekly updates are available.

Twitter Analyzer – This application does exactly what it sounds like, analyzes your Twitter habits, growth rates, allows you to see who is currently online, and other impressive analytical functions.

tweetVolume – Get your keyword on by tracking how often words or phrases appear on Twitter.

All tweeted out? Don’t worry, these tools are meant to help you get the most out of your Twitter account without becoming a slave to it.

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