We Do Web ContentHow Twitter Can Better Your Brand

How Twitter Can Better Your Brand

What is Twitter?

Twitter is one of the latest social media marketing innovations to catch on with millions of people worldwide by allowing users to access and express information in real time.

How do I use Twitter?

The format is simple. Users answer the basic question, “What are you doing?” by writing short 140 character messages called “tweets“, which can then be read by their friends, or “followers”. Twitter fans can update their tweets through Twitter’s website, SMS, instant messages, email, or through Twitter applications, which means people can access and send messages practically anywhere.

Tweets are immediately broadcasted to all your followers allowing instant communication and open dialogue that can help create new relationships and foster existing ones.

How can I use Twitter for my company?  

Social media allows companies to connect with their customers in a completely new way. Twitter is now widely viewed as an invaluable resource to communicate with clients one and one and give the kind of personalized attention that breeds brand loyalty.

Companies like JetBlue and Whole Foods use Twitter as a powerful customer service tool to answer questions, address comments, and most importantly listen to what their customers are saying about them.

Twitter provides a free scanning service that will allow you to search for tweets that mention your company and see what people think about your brand. This level of consumer feedback can be vital in:

  • planning your next marketing strategy
  •  tweaking products and services, or
  • expanding in new directions.

There are also third party companies that have created dozens of other Twitter tools  that are designed to help you get the most out of your Twitter account.

Tweets can also be a great avenue to announce specials or promotions instantly to a wide audience and provide company updates. While traditional media advertisements including television and radio can eat huge chunks of your marketing budget, Twitter’s services are free, and you don’t have to worry about your target demographic changing the station and missing your ad.

While Twitter can have a major impact as a showcase for promoting products and interesting news about your company, it is also a great networking tool. Bloggers, journalists, PR professionals, andmedia contacts are already scouring social networking websites like Twitter for the next big story. By taking the time to build relationships and interact with your followers through tweets you can build your brand awareness to consumers and the media alike.

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