We Do Web ContentTwitter, Tweet, Retweet – What’s It All Mean!?!

Twitter, Tweet, Retweet – What’s It All Mean!?!

Starting a Twitter account for your business can be a great way to jump into social media and connect with new and current customers. Since the Twitterverse is constantly expanding, new ideas, words, and applications are popping up everyday — it’s hard to keep up!

Have no fear, WeDOwebContent is here! And we’ve listed a few basic definitions below that will help you become a twitspert (we made that one up ourselves) in no time.

The Twitter Basics

Tweet – Any single message on Twitter is a tweet, as is the act of posting a message (tweet can be a noun or a verb). The acting of sending a message is also referred to as tweeting.

Retweet – If you enjoy another person’s tweet and republish it in order to show that tweet to your followers, it’s called retweeting. Don’t worry, the original post doesn’t suffer and your followers will enjoy that you are interacting with fellow Twitterers.

Handle – This is your name on Twitter, sometimes referred to as a twandle. Handles must be 15 characters or less and should explain as much about your company as possible.

Avoid numbers and underscores if possible. If your company name is already taken, just try to pick an alternative that makes sense and represents what your company or industry is about.

Followers – When someone adds you to their list to read your tweets they are following you. When you add someone to your list in order to read their tweets you become one of their followers.

DM – A DM is direct message sent by another user to you or vice versa. This enables private messaging that can be especially useful if you are speaking with a client and don’t want all your other followers in on the conversation. Just remember, nothing is too private. Every message on Twitter is searchable, so leave sensitive subjects for another forum.

Hashtag – These work like tags in blog posts and allow you to add metadata to your tweets and make them searchable by category. You can insert hashtags into your tweets by adding the hash symbol (#) in front of the word or category you want to tag, i.e. – #television or #news

Other Common Twitter Terms (aka – Twitterspeak)

Tweeple – Twitter members and users, also known as Twitterers or Twitterites.

Twitiquette – Twitter etiquette and manners.

Twittersphere or Twitterverse – The Twitter universe as a whole, also referred to as Twitterworld, Twittertopia, Twitterpolis, etc.

Tweet-back – A tweet referring to a previous conversation.

Twittersearch – A Twitter function that allows you to search Twitter for specific words.

Twitertise – A Twitter tool that allows you to advertise directly on Twitter.

For even more information on the expanding dialect of the Twiterati, check out Twitter’s unofficial dictionary — Twictionary.

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