We Do Web ContentCommon SEO Mistakes on Legal Websites (Part B)

Common SEO Mistakes on Legal Websites (Part B)

Writing and Editing Legal Content for the Web

After you have identified your topics and have started producing quality content on those subjects, the next important task is making sure those pieces are written correctly for your target audience and for the Internet.

A very common mistake in legal writing is to use wording that is too complicated or dull for your audience
. Most of the people visiting your website will have a minimal understanding of legal terms and processes. It is then your obligation as a legal resource to write in a language that they understand, and to keep that language lively and engaging.

Internet users do not want to read boring, long-winded essays and likewise, they do not want to constantly use an online dictionary to decipher legal terms. By writing quality content in a straight-forward and thoughtful manner that fully explains your legal practice areas in terms non-lawyers can understand, you are building a relationship with that reader that leads to contacts and conversions.

It’s also important to take into account the layout of the text on your website. Reading an article on the Internet is different than reading a printed piece of paper and must be edited accordingly for readability.

Formatting errors to avoid on websites include:

  • Writing long, bulky paragraphs
  • Using a small font, a hard-to-read font, or writing in too many different fonts or colors
  • Writing long articles without breaking them up into several smaller web pages (readers won’t scroll down a single web page to read several thousand words of text)

By avoiding these basic Internet formatting errors you significantly increase the chance that your legal web content will actually be read by a visitor to your law firm’s website. At We Do Web Content, we specialize in writing quality content for legal websites that is written and edited for maximum readability while incorporating search engine optimized keywords to help drive traffic to your website.

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