We Do Web ContentHow to Optimize Your Law Firm’s Website (Part B)

How to Optimize Your Law Firm’s Website (Part B)

There are places where having your key phrases is a must, and places where they’re completely useless. Knowing when and where to place your key phrases is important to your website and its ability to be found on search engines.

Headlines, Page Titles and Your First Paragraph

Google’s spiders are so sophisticated, they know when you’re demonstrating the relevance of your key phrases. This is evident when you use your key phrases in your page titles, sub-titles or headlines, and in the first few lines of your Web content.

Google uses algorithms to determine how relevant your Web content is to your key phrases. If your key phrase appears in these important parts of your Web content, it must be relevant. And if you’re writing useful Web content, it will be. You’re not going to stick a key phrase of “car accident claim settlement” in an article about dog bite injuries.

A note of caution: key phrases are useless in graphics, videos and flash animations. Google spiders can’t crawl text on these parts of your website, so don’t stress out trying to get your key phrases to appear here.

Relevant Web Content Can Start as Marketing Materials

You can easily create and build your online library from marketing materials your firm has most likely already produced. Your online library is the meat of your site, clients come for information and your library should be chock full of things like:

  • Articles;
  • Excerpts of laws relevant to your practice (even better if they’re explained in layman’s terms);
  • Brochures;
  • Firm newsletter archives;
  • Any articles written by your attorneys that were published elsewhere;
  • Presentations (PowerPoint presentations can be converted to Adobe PDF documents and made searchable);
  • Client briefs (excellent for showing your successes and obscure cases); and
  • Press releases

Not only are all these documents a goldmine of information your clients are looking for, but they’re also tasty bits of fodder for the Google spiders to crawl. The more articles you have that talk about “Louisiana personal injury cases,” the more likely your site is going to appear on the results pages for those key phrases.

Good lawyer marketing with a website requires a mixture of good key phrases and well-updated, relevant content that incorporates these key phrases. The search engine spiders are attracted by keywords, but it takes SEO content to really impress them and rank your website higher on the search engine results.

At We Do Web Content we provide key phrase identification and integration when we produce your custom content. The more frequently updated your website is, the more appealing it is to search engine results. For help getting started on boosting your website to #1 in the search engine rankings, contact us today! 888-521-3880.